Ghost Planet - Sharon Lynn Fisher There was so much I didn't like about this book. Look, I made a list:

1. Mary Sue heroine: Elizabeth is such a Mary Sue! It drove me crazy. She solved scientific problems scientists had been trying to figure out for years in weeks. Every man fell in love with her. Every woman was jealous of her. There were three, yes THREE, attempts at love triangles involving her. She had special powers. It was bad.

2. Instalust: I still don't buy that Elizabeth and her love interest Murphy loved each other. They said it a bunch of times, but that doesn't really mean anything. It just seemed to me like they liked having sex. Oh, they had so much sex, even at really stupid times. It's a romance novel, I expect sex. but these two were so busy rutting like rabbits, their relationship didn't really develop beyond that. I expect to see a relationship to go along with the sex, and this book didn't have it.

3. The Inherent Premise Didn't Work: I don't want to spoil it, but the explanation behind the "ghosts" on the planet didn't pass the smell test in my opinion. And the more characters tried to explain it (there was so much explaining!), the more I rolled my eyes. By the end it felt like the writer wasn't confident enough in her premise to let it stand on its own two feet.

4. The Villains Were Stupid: I counted three of them. All of their plans were very similar. All of their plans were stupid.

So why did I finish this book? I have no problem with DNF-ing something. What kept me involved in this book was the writing. The author's style is very easy to read. Her dialogue is conversational. Even though I didn't much care for the story she was telling, I like the way she told it if that makes sense. And I felt like the book started off so strong with a great idea I'd never seen before. Even though I didn't like this book, I'd be more than willing to give this author another chance when her next book comes out. This is her first book. It's a bit of a mess, but I feel like she can only go up from here.