The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick Really a 3.5. The sometimes irksome first person narration kept it from being a four. Seriously, why did Pat talk like that? And it was inconsistent, especially in terms of the words he used. His vocabulary shifted in difficulty depending on the page. I kept wondering what the story would be like from Tiffany's point of view towards the end because I liked her character so much. Pat started to grate on me a bit at the very end of the book and I appreciated that Tiffany was one of the few characters who pushed him to get out of his delusional mindset.

Anyway, on to less negative thoughts. The unfinished nature of this book really resonated with me. Maybe I've been reading too many books with happy endings, but I liked how when this book ended things weren't fixed for everyone. The main character Pat had grown and changed, but his storyline didn't end wrapped up in a neat little bow. The same can be said for all the other characters, especially the rest of his family. After the journey Pat took, that was the kind of ending his story needed.

Despite the problems I had with this book, I enjoyed the story a lot. I definitely recommend it.