The Real Real - Emma McLaughlin, Nicola Kraus I couldn't finish this one because I got halfway through and not much had been developed beyond the central premise that reality shows aren't real. This book is only 2 years old. I'm pretty sure "The Hills" was already over then and "The Real Housewives" was already full steam ahead. A lot of people know the reality shows they watch fabricate entire situations and put people together in a cast who aren't really friends or don't even know each other. I kept waiting for this book to either tell me something I didn't know, or take something I am aware of and really do something with it, and it just didn't happen. And the plot threads I did care about, like Jesse and Drew's relationship and Jace, who seemed about to snap at any moment, weren't really going anywhere either. Every time I thought they were, I'd get pages and pages of "let's set up this shot again" drama. We get it! It's fake! Move on to the ramifications of that please. And some character development wouldn't have hurt either. Maybe I'm just not the right person for this book, because I can see other people really enjoying it as a fast, fluffy read. But for me it was far too tedious to just sit back and enjoy it. So I suppose in the end it's the pacing that killed this one for me. I love fun, fluffy stuff, but when it's so slow I can see where the whole thing is kind of coming apart at the seams, I can't enjoy it as easily as I would've otherwise.